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    Implement full support for NTFS file systems on Mac

    Category: Internet

    Tuxera NTFS for Mac adds full compatibility with the popular NTFS file system, greatly expanding on the limited capabilities of macOS.

    Securely erase any hard disk with Active@ KillDisk

    Category: Internet

    Active@ KillDisk industrial-grade data erasure to safeguard the disposal of retired storage devices according to internationally recognized security standards.

    Create and burn ISO images with Active@ ISO Manager

    Category: Internet

    Active@ ISO Manager is a freeware utility for authoring, editing, and burning ISO images and creating ISO images from existing optical disks.

    Fix NTFS-formatted drives with NTFS Recovery Toolkit

    Category: Internet

    NTFS Recovery Toolkit provides a set of tools for analyzing and resolving problems with NTFS partitions which have been accidentally wiped or damaged by a malware attack.

    Restore data from formatted devices with UNFORMAT

    Category: Internet

    UNFORMAT restores data from formatted hard drives, memory cards, and other storage devices and searches for deleted files.

    Make an exact copy of your hard drive with Active@ Disk Image

    Category: Internet

    There's no better way to make sure everything is safely backed up than by making a complete copy of you drive with Active@ Disk Image.

    Save time on your FTP updates with FTPGetter Professional

    Category: Internet

    FTPGetter Professional helps you save time on your FTP/SFTP updates by allowing you to plan and automate your workflow.

    Kim Kardashian shares rare photo of all 4 of her kids together #13ReasonsWhy

    Category: Internet

    The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star and her kids were on vacation with her sister, Khloe, and her daughter, True. Khloe shared her own photos of them enjoying life in paradise.

    Download Trend Micro Best Buy Activation Code -|tgsbs

    Category: Internet

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    Wedding guests sing 'Stand By Me' in surprise performance for newlyweds | San Diago

    Category: Internet

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